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Health and Routine, a leading blogging website, offering you the chance to share a guest blog/article with a broader audience.

Do you have specialization on any health and wellness-related subject that you’d love to share with avid readers? We are happy to post that on your behalf. Our website can act as an ideal platform for you to share your knowledge and information with others so that they can begin their health and fitness journey. Readers can even use your suggestions to grow business and their financial circumstances. Write for us to expand your outreach, link building, promote your business, and much more.

Make sure the article you are submitting must raise awareness and inspire/inform the reader. It should encourage the audience to take action and support business success instead of just being sales-oriented.

Who Should Post at Health and Routine?

If you want to-  
  • Boost your network.
  • Reach out to health seekers
  • Share your experience that our audience will be happy or inspired to know.

What Articles We will Approve?

You can write an article that associates with the following categories:  
  • Lifestyle, Beauty, Health
  • Fitness, Food, Diet
  • Wellness, Yoga, Healthy Living
  • Weight Loss,
  • Nutrition
  • Diseases

Some Health Blog Topics we don’t accept:
  • Cosmetics
  • Weight-loss Supplements
  • Steroids
  • CBD

Guidelines We Are Strict About– Write For Us


Blogs must contain 800-1000 words.


All submissions must be written in plain, standard English (USA). Articles with a conversational, non-technical tone would be preferred. Use small paragraphs, which are easier to read. Check out articles on our website to understand the style and formatting we admire.

Bullet Points

Make sure the blog contains bullet points. Please use bold subheadings for lengthy articles to break up large paragraphs of text.

Content must be 100% Unique

Plagiarism is one crucial aspect for us. We only promote unique and relevant content on our website.

Not Be Published Elsewhere

Avoid republishing the same piece on other sites.

Links & Hyperlinks

Articles can include hyperlinks to the sources—no more than one link to your business website.

Free from Grammar errors

Please avoid grammatical mistakes as it makes the blog less effective. It is advised that the blog must be reviewed on Grammerly.com to sidestep blunders.

Quality Images

Please attach quality images at least 1 or 2. The image size must be 720*480 Pixels and avoids copyright issues.

Document Format

We will appreciate it if you share the post/blog in Google docs or Microsoft word document.


We are happy to give you the credit you deserve. So add a short bio with your contact info.

Email Must Include

  • Subject Line: Guest Post for Health and Routine
  • Post(word or google doc)
  • Author Bio
  • A relevant Image

The Publication Process We Follow

Our publication process is very smooth. You send the article to our editor at: admin@healthandroutine.com, and we will respond to you whether it is approved or unapproved.