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Acupressure is an ancient Chinese medicine procedure to heal various body issues. It is actually one of the oldest forms of medicine that requires manual effort to some distinct body points.

As per Chinese traditional medicine, minute energy pathways known as meridians flow inside the body that connects various body organs. Acupressure points are positioned across the meridians. Around 14 meridians are believed to connect human body organs with other body parts.

If the energy flow is obstructed at any point across the meridian, it is believed to cause multiple health issues and acquire symptoms. This is why a physician might put some pressure on your foot to treat headaches.

Acupressure: What is needed to know?

Acupressure is a widely-used touch treatment that specifically runs on the principle of pressure. It is an alternate treatment strategy focused on life energies that flow in our body through meridians.

In this treatment, human-applied pressure is exerted to distinct points for clearing obstructions. It helps in treating functional imbalance issues and rehabilitates the energy flow. Acupressure therapy helps to get back to being healthy.

Benefits of Acupressure therapy

Apart from treating minor issues, the benefits of acupressure massage are to treat many underlying issues. Here are widely-believed benefits.

Promotes overall health

Acupressure is the medical science of exerting low pressure on specific body points that links to multiple human organs and parts. This medical science is based on the theory that the human body is made of energy referred to as ‘’çhi’’ that flows across the body via meridians.

It is believed that disease manifests when the meridians are obstructed. Acupressure frees those areas and helps body function resume at a normal rate.

Best pain reliever

Acupressure is best for healing pain. When pressure is exerted on a body point that is linked to the aching part, the pain relieves by releasing the obstructions. It can also reduce pain because of sufficient blood flow.

Knowing the exact point is vital otherwise, you can create more and solve less!

Make sure to find a specialist in the field. If you are going for a specialized treatment, go for the recommended expert your physician asked you to.

Calms your mind

Acupressure therapy involves releasing pressure, stimulating blood flow, making your mind calmer. This treatment helps your mind function better. As per the old Chinese saying, unblocking the meridians is an expert in calming your nerves and helps better daily functioning.

Toned facial features

The cosmetic revolution is at its peak; everyone wants to look younger and feel better. Cosmetic acupressure is the new non-toxic way to rejuvenate older-looking skin.

This process helps in toning facial features by increasing blood flow and helps in generating collagen. These processes make your face look slimmer and add shine to your face.

If you are looking for something that makes you feel beautiful with the feeling of massage, go for this.

Offers better blood flow

Acupressure, when used properly, can do wonders. When specific points are pressed, some blockages are relieved, and blood flow increases. In addition, it helps in opening the blood vessels and makes your health better.

The blood flow in the body helps organs recoup and perform at a normal rate.

Diminishes the need for OTC medicines

Acupressure is widely believed to treat basic ailments such as joint pain, headache, sinusitis and the common cold. The therapy can help you release pain and is proven effective in headaches.

Consistent acupressure therapy can curtail the dependency on OTC medicines. Best look for a specialized performer who can help with these sorts of addictions.

Magical for fast healing

Acupressure has healing properties, increases blood flow, relieves muscle tension and augments life energy throughout the body.

So, if you are undergoing any ailment, try acupressure and keep it in a consistent strategy.


When acupressure therapists employ acupressure massage, they either focus on basic or trigger points. The difference? Local points are the real points where the pain is induced, whereas trigger points are the spots that are linked to other body parts and relieve stress.

The basic common point often used by practitioners is the kidney channel or KI3, Taixi, is the point just behind the inner ankle. It is used to treat low back pain and even asthma.

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