Some Crucial Tips to Boost Mental Health & Well Being

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The COVID-19 outbreak has seriously impacted our lives. It’s the most distressing time; some people have lost their lives, and some are going through severe pain and stress. Social distancing and lockdown have forced us to live within our homes, making us feel isolated and lonely, leading to increased stress and anxiety. All such incidents are devastating, but it is important to take care of yourself and live life happily. Mental peace and well-being are crucial, so here we are providing some tips to boost your mental health. 


  • Get Plenty of Sleep


A good sleep at night is as crucial as eating healthy and exercising. Poor or lack of sleep leads to significant problems, including a greater risk of depression and anxiety, heart disease, and cancer. On the contrary, you’re more likely to succeed at your tasks and enjoy mental peace if you sleep well at night. 


  • Consuming Healthy Food


Good eating habits are crucial for maintaining a healthy weight and for our mind too! Always try to eat a balanced diet because certain mineral deficiencies can lead to a low or bad mood. Plus, it’s not bad to incorporate good-for-your-mood food (that makes you happy) as it helps you get immediate relief from extreme stress and anxiety. 


  • Avoid smoking and alcohol


Drinking and smoking are not only bad for the lungs but also affect mental health negatively. Many people consider taking these elements when they are depressed but think when you wake up the next day, you feel more anxious and low, and it can be tougher for you to concentrate on your work. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to Thiamine deficiency, which leads to severe memory problems.


  • Do cardio and yoga


Performing yoga and exercise ensures good mental health. These practices not just keep you active and fresh the whole day long, but also boost happy hormones that help you enjoy a good mood always. Some yoga poses that promote mental health and wellness are Balasana (Baby Pose), Uttanasana (Forward Bent Pose), Viparita Karani (Legs Up The Wall Pose), Shavasana (Corpse Pose), Sethubandhasana (Bridge Pose), and more. 


Besides, you can perform any activity that you are fond of doing, like regular house chores, playing, swimming, and more, which relaxes your mind, eliminates low mood, anxiety, stress, and feeling of tiredness and laziness. 


  • Do something you enjoy


It’s the best way to feel relaxed! Yes, try to drag some time out of your schedule to do things that you enjoy the most. Such things can be any, like going for a walk, chit-chatting with friends, painting, dancing, decorating homes, playing with kids, and much more. It is essential to spend some ‘me’ time to prevent irritability and stress; nothing can be better than doing things that will bring an ear-to-ear smile to your face.   


  • Take some time off from your regular routine


To rejuvenate your mind and soul, it is better to take some time off from your monotonous routine and plan some family time. You can opt for going on vacation or choose to relax in a calm place—plan a get-together with your group or just enjoy at home. This break helps you be more productive and focus on your job more and achieve goals.  


Everybody faces hard times in their lives; it is essential to stay motivated and calm during that phase and get over them strongly. It is suggested never hesitate to ask for help from others when you are not feeling well. Your loved one’s support and motivation help you get up from all the problems and ensure peace. 


When to seek professional help?


If you’ve made continuous efforts to improve your mental health, but are still feeling depressed, it may be time to seek professional help. Many individuals refuse to get mental health treatment due to judgment, pride, doubt, and fear. But, be sure, only professionals will help you feel better.

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