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Meditation – A Process to Have a Healthy Mind

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Meditation is a process of training your mind in awareness and getting a healthy sense of perception. In this process, one does not turn off the thoughts or feelings but learn to observe the thought without judgment.

Meditation for beginners is quite difficult as it is impossible in the beginning to concentrate and have an empty mind. Tools such as beginner meditation DVD and brain sensing headband helps you with the process of concentration. The easiest way to begin the meditation is by focusing on the breath.

Researchers are exploring whether a constant meditation practice is gaining long term benefits, and having positive effects on the brain & immune system among meditators.

Practicing meditation is crucial to keep one’s mind, body, and soul healthy. Various types of meditation are practiced by people such as:

  • Kindness Meditation – It is also known as Metta meditation. Its goal is to develop an attitude of love and kindness toward everything, even towards enemies and sources of stress. It helps those who are affected by anger, frustration, resentment, and interpersonal conflict.
  • Progressive Relaxation Meditation – It is the meditation that encourages people to scan their bodies for areas of tension. The goal is to notice tension and allow it to release.
  • Mindfulness Meditation – It is a form of meditation that urges a desire into the practitioners to remain aware and present at the moment. It improves memory and focus.
  • Breadth Awareness Meditation – It encourages breathing. The goal is to focus only on breathing and to ignore other thoughts that enter the mind.
  • Kundalini Yoga – It involves deep breathing and mantras. It improves physical strength and reduces pain.
  • Zen Meditation – The meditation is known as Zezane, which is a part of Buddhist practice. This type of meditation involves specific steps and postures. It is good for people who are seeking relaxation and a new spiritual path.
  • Transcendental Meditation – In this type of meditation, an individual remains seated or breathes slowly.

Studies have shown that meditation can work very effectively and quickly. Many practitioners have experienced immediate improvement after a meditation session. Some more advantages of meditation are listed below:

  • It helps in releasing stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • It reduces age-related memory loss.
  • It generates Kindness.
  • It helps in fighting addictions.
  • It promotes emotional health.

According to a study related to mental illness, an estimated 40 million adults in the U.S are suffering from anxiety disorders. Meditation for anxiety is of two types, which are yoga and chakra. It is an important way to purify and quiet the mind and soul.

Practice meditation and stay happy and healthy!!!

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