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Important Tips for Maintaining Good Eye Health

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Humans have five senses—smelling, touching, tasting, hearing, and a good vision to interact with the Environment. All of these senses are invaluable and so is the good vision. Optimal eye health is indispensable! It helps you perform well in every field, whether at work, at home, or at social gatherings.


However, with ageing, people develop a range of eye-related problems that include cataract, macular degeneration, glaucoma, low vision, and diabetic retinopathy. Therefore, it’s imperative to turn towards living a healthy lifestyle and take certain measures to keep your eyesight working at its best, because a little care now will help you protect/maintain your eyesight in the later years. Let’s discuss some tips to keep your eyes healthy.


  • Eating Healthy

Maintaining a healthy diet is essential to preserve good eyesight for a long! Eating food items rich in nutrients like vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids help you strengthen your eyes. You should incorporate green leafy vegetables, fatty fish like salmon, citrus fruits, and non-meat protein sources to ensure good eye health.


  • Regular Exercise

A few minutes exercise a day promotes blood circulation in the body that improves oxygen levels to the eyes and ensures a better vision.


  • Quit Doing Smoking

Everybody knows ‘smoking is injurious to health and damages the whole human body’. It has numerous adverse health effects one of which includes the increased risk of developing cataract.


  • Wearing Sunglasses and a Hat

While travelling outdoors, wearing a hat and sunglasses help you protect your eyes from Ultraviolet Rays, and hence, prevent or delay the development of cataract. Further, it’s vital to choose the pair of glasses that blocks 100% UV-A and UV-B rays.


  • Avoid too long exposure to the computer or phone screen

Staring at the computer or phone screen for a too long can affect your eyes or create several problems that include blurry vision, dry eyes, eyestrain, and more. That’s why it’s vital to adopt certain protective measures like wearing computer glasses, taking a few minutes regular breaks, and so on.


These are some crucial tips, besides it’s suggested that always wear protective gears while playing sports, control your blood sugar levels, and take peaceful sleep at night.


Also, you should opt for a regular eye examination by visiting optometrists or opticians. They will determine the problem (if any) at an early stage and help you save money down the lane. Further, make sure to visit the right care provider to get the best treatment.

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