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Impact of Alcohol and Drugs on Health

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Nowadays, situations such as loss of a job, death of a loved one, work pressure, chronic illness make people highly stressed. To find relief from these types of situations, humans opt for drugs and alcohol.

Alcohol is the component found in beer, wine, spirits, which causes drunkenness. Intake of alcohol enhances calories in one. Higher the level of alcohol in the drink more will be the Kilojoules.

It is also considered a source of energy.

Impact of alcohol on the human brain and body:-

  • Digestive and endocrine glands – Too much drinking causes abnormal activation of digestive enzymes produced by the pancreas. These enzymes build up and cause pancreatitis. It causes pain in the upper abdominal region.
  • Inflammatory damage – The liver is an organ that helps in breaking down and removing harmful substances from one body including alcohol. Long term usage of alcohol interferes with this process and causes Cirrhosis.
  • Sugar levels – An adverse effect of alcohol on the liver and pancreas is that it causes low blood sugar. The pancreas regulates body insulin and glucose level. If your body can’t manage and balance sugar levels, the side effects lead to diabetes.
  • Central nervous system – Alcohol damages the central nervous system one can experience numbness and tingling sensations in feet and hands. It decreases your ability to think clearly and make correct choices.
  • Dependency – People develop emotional and physical dependency due to alcohol consumption. They may require professional help to break an alcohol addiction.
  • Digestive system – Drinking alcohol damages the digestive system, which leads to problems like gassiness, bloating, feeling of fullness in your abdomen, and diarrhea or painful stools.
  • Circulatory system – Alcohol affects your heart and lungs. People who drink have a higher risk of heart-related issues, which include heart attack, heart disease, and heart failure.
  • Sexual and reproductive health – Consumption of liquor harms the sex hormone production for men and puts women at great risk of infertility.
  • Skeletal and muscle systems – Long term usage of alcohol damages your bones and muscles. It causes muscle weakness, cramping, and muscle atrophy.
  • Immune system – Drinking of alcohol weakens the immune system of a person. The weakening of the immune system makes it difficult for your body to fight off with infections and viruses.


Impact of drugs

The drug is a substance that causes insensibility and has a physiological effect when ingested into the body. There is numerous impact of drugs on the human body such as it causes harm to organs and system of your body such as throat, stomach, lungs, liver, pancreas, nervous system, heart, brain, etc.

For a healthy body, one can withdraw the consumption of alcohol and drugs, which may cause issues like anxiety, nausea, tremors, high blood pressure, etc. One can also get medical help by visiting organizations and rehab centers, which help people in leaving the addiction to drugs and alcohol.

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