Corona – A Friend or A Foe

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"Can we uninstall 2020, this version has a virus in it"

Since January 27, 2020, when we detected the first case of COVID-19 virus reported in Kerala, India & On the dusk of March 24, 2020, the Government of India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi established a nationwide lockdown for 21 days, confining movement of the entire 1.38 billion (138 crores) people of India as a precautionary measure against the COVID-19 pandemic in India. After the halt in everyone’s lives, we started doing many positive things in our lives that were being ignored for so long.

Let’s start with cleansing our minds and while we are cleansing, let’s focus on that; As we know that hygienically keeping ourselves is best done through routine cleaning, but after we learned that to keep COVID 19 from infecting us, we have begun cleaning ourselves whenever we touch anything or come close to someone or something.
From shaking hands to namaste, we are returning to the old traditional values that make sense now in this pandemic. Without any special occasion or festival, we started cleaning our houses and surroundings regularly and supporting cleaning our society and community.

When we come to our family relationships COVID-19 situation has positively impacted the way we maintain relationships. We get to spend our time with our family, reunite with ourselves, and plan our work better. This helps us build a better future for both our work and family.
As life slowed down, we have found ways to stay connected with people, even if it’s virtually.

Reconnect with your loved ones and memories.

Now the most important factor in which we all live and can’t afford to lose it: “The Environment.”
Our rules and regulations and all experiments to control pollution have failed in past years. We are trying to control pollution with different tactics of odd and even drives, pollution check vehicles, old off-road vehicles, etc. but failed to do so. But a lockdown of a few weeks compelled us to stay at home, working and studying from home, resulting in controlling pollution and helping the ozone hole heal. In short, for centuries, we humans have been disturbing all environmental cycles, but COVID19 has given our world the chance to improve by itself. The air quality now we can feel more hygienic and better in quality. Also, we should not forget about the rivers where our government spent a lot to purify them, but very few outputs occurred, but with the lockdown, nature cleansed itself without any human efforts. We can say that all-natural gifts polluted by a human being are now starting to be reincarnated once again. Many more changes occurred as now family members understand what it takes to manage a house, they began to help their wives, mothers, etc. People began to take an interest in cooking and are no more into outside junk food.

Accessibility to the internet also increased, and now people who were unknown about the technology started to use it to extend their work. Education also got online and not got hindered with the COVID-19.

We’re Able to Work Together in Urgent Conditions.

There are many more things, but in short, we now understand the value of Human Life, Nature, and our surroundings. And from now on, we all should spend some time with ourselves and strengthen our bodies, minds, and souls to fight against the worst.

We are now turning to be human once again by contributing our due care to ourselves, our family, neighborhood, city, country, and the environment. In short, we are not sanitizing and disinfecting ourselves but our thoughts and way of living, which is a good start due to lousy VIRUS.


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