Children Are Not Yet Vaccinated Against Covid-19. What To Do?

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As we all know, the world is amid COVID-19; the pandemic that has shaken up the world as a whole and disturbs our lives so grievously. As people are forced to live inside the four walls of the home; their economic activities are affected to a great extent. But, despite all the gloom, this year has brought some sort of happiness as people are getting the vaccination. Vaccine for herd immunity is critical to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. People who are fully vaccinated can resume their daily activities while maintaining social distancing.

Wait! Do you have children at your home? How can you protect unvaccinated children?

Vaccines work by preparing the body’s immune system to recognize and fight off the viruses they target. If your children are not vaccinated yet, this does not mean you and your entire family need to isolate all time; you only need to be careful while going out.

Children are rarely seriously affected by this virus; many of them are asymptomatic or have only mild symptoms; that is why the Government makes vaccination for the old age group a priority.

How To Protect Your Little Ones At Your Home?

❖ Get Everyone Vaccinated (those who can get the jab)
Ensure every adult of the family, close friends, and other relatives whom you regularly see or are frequent visitors to your home should get their vaccine. The governments are running enormous vaccine campaigns to make it available and accessible for everyone. Covid vaccines are completely safe; people should get their jabs on their turn.

❖ Wear Mask
If your child is older than two years, make sure he/she wears a mask in public settings. Although the risk is lower, taking adequate measures is crucial!

Children are mischievous; you can’t force them to wear a mask every time. If they are with their immediate family or in a small gathering with all vaccinated people, then avoiding masks can be justified, but if there’s a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated, then they must wear masks.

❖ Avoid Visiting Crowded Places
Wearing a mask decreases the risk of contracting the virus, but it’s suggested to avoid visiting any crowded place wherever possible. Plus, you can postpone your plan for partying at any indoor space or restaurant; instead, have a picnic at an open natural place with family. Further, if you are going with other families as well, make sure to maintain distance and sanitize your hands frequently to stay safe.

❖ Be Cautious
Your family is your responsibility! If you’re an earning member of the family and have to go outside for the job, stay at a distance from other members on returning home and get closer to your child only after washing your hands or having a shower. And, if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, get yourself tested immediately.

Should You Consider Getting Your Child Vaccinated?

Yes, experts believe that COVID-19 vaccination outweighs the potential risk. This virus may affect children mildly, but they can transmit the virus to others if they are actually infected. Another reason to get a COVID-19 vaccine for children is to preserve the well-being of the broader community. When a virus passes through different bodies, it may transform into the most dangerous Coronavirus variants, resistant to the available vaccines and therapies.

Misconceptions Related to the COVID-19 Vaccination

There are several myths revolving all around the world; false speculations and messages are forwarded, misleading people with wrong information.

Myth: Vaccine Has a Live Virus

It’s a total misconception, the vaccine doesn’t have any live virus, and hence, it doesn’t cause COVID in any case. Several vaccines are available; you can read the detailed processes and workings of each one of them on the manufacturers’ official website and other sources.

The myth related to vaccination and menstruation

Many posts went viral on social media stating that women should not take vaccines five days before and after their menstrual cycle. Well, it’s irrelevant; do not believe this rumor. It is safe to get the jab during or before/after periods. The vaccination does not have to do anything with menstruation.

Final Thought

Taking a vaccination is the only way to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus and getting back on the normal track. Achieving herd immunity is extremely important, and this can be done in two ways – either the large proportion of the population gets infected or gets a Covid vaccine. When the majority of people are immune to this contagious virus, it provides protection to those who are susceptible to it.

If you have any queries or need complete yet correct information related to anything about Coronavirus and its vaccine, you can either access the Internet, a lot of content is available online, or ask any medical expert.

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