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Are Desk Jobs Bad for Health?

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According to the National Business Group on Health’s survey on employee health care strategy for 2020, average health care cost per employee has increased to 5% from 3.6%.

The augmentation of percentage has been noted, due to the rise in health-related issues. It has been on the rise these days, especially for the people who are pursuing their careers in information technology and the banking sector as they are doing a desk job.

To prevent the damages done via sitting jobs, one should have a correct sitting posture.

In a study, long sitting hours have resulted in 50000 deaths in a year in the UK, which is a huge number. Some of the health hazards of sitting for long hours are mentioned below:

  • Obesity – Prolonged sitting enhances the accumulation of fat in the body, which damages the process of the breakdown of fats and sugars in the body. This type of situation leads to Obesity.
  • Chronic Joint Pains – Sitting for long hours makes your muscles tight and short, which leads to conditions such as disc prolapse, nerve impingement, and premature degeneration of the joint structures.
  • Heart Disease – Long sitting hours increase the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) and decrease good cholesterol (HDL) with each additional hour of sitting, which leads to the occurrence of heart diseases.
  • Diabetes – Inactivity of the body defines how your body handles sugar. Long sitting impairs tissue sensitivity to insulin, which causes diabetes.
  • Cancer – No physical activity can lead to cancer like lungs, colon, and endometrium.
  • Mental Illness – Doing exercises reduces mental stress, and keeps one mentally healthy while inactivity leads to mental illness such as depression and anxiety disorders.
  • Dementia – Too much sitting makes your brain look like that of someone with dementia.

Above, we have seen the health issues one can face while sitting for a longer period of time and even without a proper sitting posture at desk. Now, let’s discuss the lifestyle changes we can make to counter the negative effects:

  • Engage in physical activityOne should opt for daily exercises such as running, walking, yoga, aerobics, etc.
  • Maintaining sleeping habitsSleeping and waking up at the right time keep one’s biological cycle correct, this helps in improving concentration levels.
  • Eating nutritious foodA healthy diet is quite crucial to have good health. Nutritious food includes the consumption of fruits and salads.
  • Avoiding Sugar-laden foodsOne should avoid sugary and deep-fried food to be healthy.
  • Being hydratedDrinking a lot of water is quite important, as dehydration can be an invitation to many diseases.
  • Use of Anti GlarePeople sit for long hours staring at laptops or systems, which causes damage to the eyes. Anti glares are used to save the eyes.
  • Use of Good Posture ChairSitting posture of one should be straight as bad sitting posture causes diseases like Spondylitis.

One can opt for the above-mentioned methods and can consult medical practitioners for any health issues. Being healthy is necessary because a healthy body holds a healthy mind and soul.


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